My thoughts on creating jewellery:
So I have been asked to share my ‘brand's philosophy’. Never really have thought about this before. 
For me this is a process, a process of creation, playing with shapes, forms, materials, techniques, each time – while at the bench – learning something new. 
If I do have to describe it, this would be it:
The goal in this moment is to design and craft one of a kind, or small, very limited series of jewels. I always do attempt to make wearable pieces of art, that are interactive, have a little twist, a movable part, are made of composite materials, always containing a little piece of metal – the perks of being a goldsmith.
I often get orders for custom jewellery, which I like the most, because in those situations exists the possibility to integrate the person in the jewellery that they are going to wear.
 I consider, that jewellery needs to feel like part of you.
I do like wearing my objects. I always wear the new designs for several days or weeks, before totally finishing them,even to develop the object for a comfortable ’users experience’, to be sure that is perfect.
There are multiple objects in my ateliers drawers, waiting to be finished, they are all different.